Corporate Social Responsibility


Conducting business in a socially responsible way is central to NTR. Through the NTR Foundation and other local CSR activities, NTR supports a wide variety of causes.



The NTR Foundation
NTR has a desire to make a strong statement about its corporate commitment to environmental issues and is committed to playing a leading role in corporate philanthropy. To this end, the establishment of the NTR Foundation, an independent philanthropic organisation, was announced in 2008 with NTR committing funding of €5 million and 2.26 million NTR plc ordinary shares. On 4 March 2010, NTR plc and the NTR Foundation hosted a gathering of senior US business leaders, financiers and policy advisors to discuss the issue of climate change. President Bill Clinton, founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States, delivered the key note address entitled “Embracing our Common Humanity”. The NTR Foundation was also officially launched the same day at the gathering.


Speaking at the launch, Tanya Harrington, Director of the NTR Foundation, stressed the significant role the global philanthropic community can play in addressing the climate imperative. “A key goal for the NTR Foundation is to bring together leading philanthropic organisations and policy experts to jointly find the best means of addressing this urgent issue.”


The mission of the NTR Foundation is to address the challenges posed by climate change, resource sustainability and security of energy supply. In keeping with NTR plc’s entrepreneurial heritage, the NTR Foundation will support projects that address these issues in an entrepreneurial way.


The work of the NTR Foundation comes under three strands:

1. International Projects
The NTR Foundation will invest in a small number of large multi-annual international projects that involve both service provision to address climate change or resource sustainability and thought leadership in these areas. The NTR Foundation will seek to support existing work underway either through strategic partnerships and/or directly into well-led organisations, which have a strong track record of success.

2. NTR Group Projects
Each year, businesses in the NTR plc portfolio have the opportunity to receive matched funding from the NTR Foundation for projects that have a direct impact in their own communities in the US and Europe. These projects will be entrepreneurial solutions to the challenges of climate change, resource sustainability and security of energy supply.

3. Policy & Research
The NTR Foundation will foster and publish independent research, which serves to increase the knowledge base in its core funding areas. This, combined with the evidence base generated from its investments, enables the NTR Foundation to act as a credible contributor to policy debates.


The provision of targeted financial and expert support to projects is achieved through a combination of traditional grant making and the use of venture philanthropy methodology for the large multi-annual investments in International Projects and investments in NTR Group Projects.


For more information on the NTR Foundation, including its progress and activities, please visit


President Bill Clinton speaking in New York at the NTR plc event.

The Carbon Disclosure Project
NTR plc and the NTR Foundation are jointly funding the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in Ireland in 2010.


The CDP is an independent not-for-profit organisation that launched in 2000 to collect and distribute high quality information that motivates investors, corporations and governments to take action to prevent climate change. Thousands of organisations across the world’s major economies measure and disclose their green house gas emissions (GHG) and climate change strategies through CDP. CDP puts this information at the heart of financial and policy-decision making.


The combined NTR Foundation and NTR plc investment in the CDP is funding the publication and launch of a Report covering the activities of the CDP in Ireland in 2010. The Report encourages Irish companies to set reduction targets in GHG emissions and measure performance improvement. Data from the Irish Report will also be harmonised with data from over 2,500 organisations worldwide to help develop international carbon reporting standards.


The Carbon Disclosure Project The Carbon Disclosure Project
Matching the Green Agenda to Local Causes
NTR plc supports a number of initiatives and organisations by way of financial donation, skill sharing and staff volunteering. It aims to match its focus on addressing the climate change agenda with community based causes.

The Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice Foundation
The Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice Foundation was set up in 2001 to establish a Children’s Hospice in Dublin, Ireland to provide care for children who have life limiting conditions or illness and for whom curative treatment is not possible. The Laura Lynn Hospice Foundation merged with The Children’s Sunshine Home to address this issue and will open Ireland’s first children’s hospice in March 2011.


NTR has responded to this important initiative for Ireland by supporting the costs of environmentally sustainable construction for the Hospice, and in particular, installation of its geothermal heating system. A number of additional fundraising activities have also been organised for the initiative, receiving the full support of NTR plc staff.

The Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice Foundation
The Green Aware Team
The NTR Green Aware Team was set up in 2007 with the aim of driving the green agenda within NTR plc. The key objectives of the team are to reduce carbon emissions, reduce wastage and to work towards becoming a paperless office. Staff in NTR plc are actively involved in the Green Aware team reflecting NTR’s commitment to green initiatives.
GHG Reduction Action Plan
NTR plc is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Over the last year, NTR plc engaged the services of an external company to complete a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assessment from which NTR received a Climate Change Impact Assessment Report. This Report provided an overview of our corporate carbon ‘footprint’ with a breakdown of the contributing emissions by source. Having measured our corporate CO2 emissions, the team identified a number of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, including enhanced recycling facilities, implementing a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme and installation of energy efficient IT equipment. The Group is also tackling its travel emissions with a ‘think first’ initiative encouraging video conferencing in place of travel.
GHG Reduction Action Plan